The Rush Miller Foundation was formed in 2001. The foundation was inspired by Garrett Rush-Miller. At the age of 5, he developed a medulloblastoma (malignant brain tumor). The tumor left Garrett visually impaired. His parents watched their gregarious and out going son stay inside and refuse to go out and play. After reading an article about paralympic tandem cyclist, Matt King, they decided they needed to get Garrett a tandem bicycle. They were shocked a the high cost of purchasing a tandem bicycle. Through the generosity of many friends and a surprise donation from an anonymous corporation the funds were raised for Garrett’s bike. The bike’s impact on Garrett was immediate. It was as if a switch had been turned on and old Garrett was back. All of a sudden he was the neighborhood hit.It is the desire of the Rush Miller Foundation to identify other blind/visually impaired children who could enjoy the benefits of their first bike.

The Story Behind the Foundation Many people ask us how we came to start the foundation.

This is an account of Garrett’s Cancer and our family’s struggle. Please don’t feel obligated to read through this section. On one hand it has nothing to do with our foundation and on the other hand it has everything to do with our foundation. So if you choose to continue please make sure you go back and also look at the rest of our project. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve others and have met some incredible people through this endeavor.

One question before I begin… If you or someone you loved were given a 50/50 chance of surviving the next 5 years and assuming great health up to the end what would you do different?

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Board of Directors
David J. Miller – Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Casey L. Shifflet – Colorado Springs, Colorado
Eric D. Miller – Pueblo, Colorado
Ryan K. Rush-Miller – Denver, Colorado
Garrett D. Rush-Miller – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Advisory Committee
Mark Lucas – Executive Director, United States Association of Blind Athletes
Steve Whisnant – Whisnant Strategies
Terry Garrett – Littleton, Colorado
Erik Weihenmayer – Golden, Colorado
Matt King – Bend, Oregon



Eligibility Criteria

  • Age: 5 – 17
  • Must be first bike (recreational only, not racing)
  • Must have an opthamologist report with phone number for contact. Full report regarding visual aquity (full eligibility requirements are being developed for visually impaired children and RMF reserves the right to prioritize those different degrees of impairment.)
  • Must agree to always wear a helmet when on the bike.
  • Must agree to help fund raise for another child’s tandem.

Rush Miller Foundation reserves the right to change any of these requirements without prior notice.Changes become effective immediately and may not be reflected on the website.

If blindness is not the child’s primary challenge or has other challenges in addition to their visual impairment, please contact the foundation before filling out the application. rushmillerfoundation@gmail.com

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Donation of a Bike to Our Foster Son

This foundation made a life changing donation of a bike to our foster son when he was just 11 years old. Now 24 he’s a confident bike rider and loves it. He is deaf/ blind and has CP, but bike riding and swimming keeps him healthy, and he has also become a terrific jazz pianist.

Roger Mundell

Thanks for Making My Christmas Wonderful

“My mother and I would like to thank the Rush-Miller Foundation for getting us a tandem bicycle. We love the bike & can’t wait to get on the trail to ride it. Thanks for making my Christmas wonderful.”

Marlana VanHoose

Giving Others The Freedom They Might Not Otherwise Have

We love Rush miller foundation!! Always doing good for others!! Life is to be lived and you guys do that by giving others the freedom they might not otherwise have!! They helped us raise funds for a tandem bike for our son in 2012, in return we raised enough to buy 2 tandem bikes for the Vancouver school of the blind!!! One big circle of helping others!! Keep doing what you do . Our son loves his bike

Patti Johnson Premo